To check your Envato Settings please go to > Envato Module > Settings. You will get your information and also you can edit and delete your information.. If you want to add any new settings you can do it here, for that please click on > Add More button at the top of left corner side. Please see the screen-shot :


After click on > Add More button, you will reach your target page. You must fill the filed of user name, Api key and click on active circle, then finally click on save button.

Check Purchase Key

After purchasing the product from Envato, if any visitor wants to know anythings more about your product, in that case you may check the visitor is your valid customer or not. That's why at frist you should collect product purchase key from your visitor or customer, then fill the purchase key field and click on > Checking button. And to check your Envato user list please click on > Envato User.

Buyer List

To check Envato user list got to > Envato module > then click on Buyer List. And to add  envato user click on > Add Envato User at the top left side corner button. See the screen shot below :

After click on > Add Envato User, you will reach here. now fill the all required fields and click to save button your data.