In User Interface > Chatbot you will get so many things for more infomation please see the screen-shot below :

If you click on a visitor or customer name from chatbot list name, then you will get all coversation history, visitor or customer details information and so on.

Chatting history chatboard will see as like as follows...

After conversation with a visitor, if you want to covert the visitor as your customer or next lead, you can do it here.

You can save your conversation as issue type for solved, discussion or support. To do it please follow the screen-shot.

If you want to change your conversation color, you can do it here.

Create User

From this Admin Panel you can create so many user as you want, for example system user, admin, operator, in-charge and so on. And please don't forget to active the user and click on > save button to save your data.

User List

All users list at a glance you will get here. Also can go back to create user page. And can edit, delete, and view all users detail information here.

Department Mapping

In your company may have so many department or sector, and all of these department work by only one employee, he can not manage all the part. So you have to divide different department task to different user or employee. For that purpose, to make your task easy Department Mapping module create in this system. To do it follow the screen-shot below :

Widget Init Link

Widget Init Link for script, you will get here.