Assign Role to User

Assign Role to User : Here, Admin can set role access for each admin user, operator, in-charge, manager, etc. For example, Admin set role access for operator, Example: operator person only can read dashboard, can check room booking and customer List, update product, and can send Email or SMS, etc.

So, To set role permission at frist you have to select a role name. Role name may be admin, operator, in-charge, etc. person/user. Then must select role assign access permission option. Then don't forget to click on > Save button to save your setting data. Please follow the screen-shot below :

Role List

To check the role name list go to > Role Permission module > then click on Role List menu. Here, you can edit the role name and can back to Assign Role to User page also. See the screen-shot below :

User Access Role List

To check the User Access Role List and edit the role, go to > Role Permission module >then click onUser Access Role List menu. See the screen-shot below :