This Section Changes will major affected inside admin panel and little bit outside of admin panel so first things first click on setting under the Software Settings button and you will get a Form and fill it to your information first change logo it will change the dashboard logo same as invoice logo and favicon Footer Text will change dashboard bottom footer text. To use your Native Language you have select it but before doing this you have to set language under Software Settings button.  LTR/RTL means Left To Right and RTL means Right To Left, In Default it’s Direction is Left To Right If you select RTL left side menu will show on the right side as well as home page also. To set Captcha put your credential and save it. 


Manage Company

Under The "Software Settings" click on Manage Company and Update your information this information will show on home page bottom footer left. 

Now it will show on The Homepage that marked at red square in the below image.


Payment Get way

Provide your payment get way credential for online transaction here we implemented three get way Bitcoin, PayPal and Payeer.



Email Configuration

To Send Email Set your Email Credential. Like order Confirmation email, order processing, password recovery etc.

Language Settings

If you want to set a new language except for English click on language button under the Software Settings, put your language name and save it. After Save Edit that language and add all Phrase.


Update Web Color

To Change Website menu, footer section, Notification, Sign-up button, Rating, Footer text border, Go to top button color.

Update Dashboard Color

This is also the same as Web Color Setting.



Add User

Add User To operate this software click add the user under the software setting button. Put the user name email password and select user type that will ensure what type of role user will play and save it.  

To see all user click on manage user button.