Add Accounts

In This Section, you can keep your organization all Income and Expenditure. So Before doing this, you have to add Accounts name.

Manage Accounts

To Check all Accounts click on Manage Accounts. You will get all list of account name and also can update account name just click on edit button put information and save it.


When you Get money From any Customer then put this information. To add this information click on “Add Receive” button under the Account button first put on money receive date, then customer name/another source name, Select Payment Type, Select payment Account, Select Store Name for that store you receive money, Type any sort note on a description and save it.


This Module as same as Receive but the difference is that when you give someone to money then keep information in this module.

Accounts Summary

To Check all Payment And Receive amount information just click on the “Accounts Summary” button and all information will demonstrate. Also, you can search by using the account name.

Cheque Manager

If any customer pays with the cheque that payment list show here first time any cheque status will be “No Clear” After clear the money from bank click on “No Clear” statue will be change and updated status will be “Cleared” and this money will be adjusted with Customer ledger.


This module concept is the end of the Day how much cash you received and how much money you spend and how much cash remaining in your pocket. To do this put today’s earning amount in Cash In Field, Spending amount in Cash out Field, Remaining Balance in Cash in Hand Field. If this cash in, out and cash on hand balance is not matched then the extra amount will put in Adjustment field.

Closing Report

Show all closing click on the closing report under the account menu.