To change basic web setting click “web setting” then click on “setting” here put your organization information in the beginning field is Logo this is the home page header section logo, Second Field Invoice page logo, Third Home page Footer Logo, Fourth Favicon image you can use an individual image here. In the Home page bottom right footer section QR Code you can show/hide using “QR Code Status” active/Inactive. Same things are “App Link Status” As “QR Code Status” but this segment is only available in “martbd” Theme. Bottom Right Corner Different types of payment icon you can also show/hide using “Pay With” Active/Inactive status. Also, You Can Change Developed By name That’s show on Footer Bottom left in the home page. If you set Map API Key, Map Latitude and Longitude It will show your provided information location in Contact Us Page.



Shipping Method

Here you have to set shipping method name, method Details, Shipping charge, Position will have to put 1,2,3… it will sort ascending order. This method list will show on the checkout page.

To show all Shipping Method Click on manage Shipping Method. It will look like below the image.



Inside Web setting click on slider here you will get the slider to add form this slider will show on home page. In the beginning, you have to put slider link with URL like add slider image and give slider position number it will also show ascending order.

To show all slider click on manage slider and here you can edit or delete each of slider.



Those categories you are want to show on home page body section, please select that category, set block position (content will show ascending order by this number), select block style here has only two styles, select block Image and save it. Insert Product under these categories product will show on the home page.

To Demonstrate all block click on Manage Block it will be as below image.

Link Page

Under The Web setting press the link page button here you will ascertain input Form here you will get some page name in the drop-down that we already defined and you have to choose one of them. Select any of them and put image also put Headlines and Details information.

After Save this information it will appear on the home page footer link page. Such as if you put information on the about_us page you could see it page. 

Check all link page click on manage link page here will show those page that you inserted information.


Our Location

Under web Settings click on our location you will get a Form put your company location you put multiple locations, in the beginning, put position number this information will show according to this number ascending order, put headline and details of your company location. All of this information will show on the Contact Us Page. 

And The Same as Earlier to see all list of the item click on the "Manage Our location" Button.  

To See it In The public view you will get it in contact us page.

About Us

Putting More information in about us page click on About Us button under the web setting fill up all input field and save it. It will appear publicly about us page.

Web Footer

This menu also under the web setting button here you have to put information that you want to show on home page footer section but here you can put only two blocks as the below image. 

In the Home page, it will look like this. 

To give about us, contact us, Help etc page link In The information block click on edit button from admin panel select the text and put the link with site URL. 

Click on the chain icon put the page link and save it. Same as Block 1 put social media link and save.

Add Coupon

Generating Coupon click on add coupon button under web setting you will get a Form first pot Coupon Name, Discount Type select amount/percentage put the discount amount and select start and end date and save it.

Click manage coupon to see all coupon list. Provide Coupon Discount Code to Customer to get coupon offer.