New Order

After completing all kind of setup now time to sell products to completing this task click on “new order” button under the Order menu. A Form Will Appear select customer name if this customer first time buying products then you need to click on new button put customer name and address, Select Store this store will be that store from where you want to sell products. Put the date type product name in item information section you get products suggestion and click one of them. Select Variant and put product quantity all calculation will be represented instantly. If this customer wants to buy more products at a time then click on “Add  New Item”  button from below this form. You will get another input row select product name, variant and quantity. If the customer pays all amount of money click on “Full paid button” and press the submit button order will be stored.  

Manage order

To Know All order click on “Manage Order” button under the Order button here you will get all order list.

To See Details About order click on order No You will get that order details. And To Generating invoice click on Checkmark on right side invoice will generate.