Add Product

Click on Add Product under The Product button to insert product you will get product insert form and fill it carefully. First, put on the product name, Select product Category, select product image, put product details and click on next button. 

This phase select product unit, brand, product type, tag. If this product has offer select yes in offer field and you will get another field and put the offer price on there. If you want this product show on home page top right section then select yes on the best sale section. Put product review, description and specification and press next button. 

And now the final stage, insert product regular sale price, put supplier price that price you gave to your supplier [ This price won’t show publicly this information for calculating your expenditure]. add Product model, Select Supplier name and select variant you can add multiple variants after putting all information press submit button information will be saved. 


Manage Product

Demonstrate All product press manage product button all product will show. To know more information click on the product name or to see an individual product on the top type product name and press submit button you will get that product. Here you can also edit/delete any product. 

Product Ledger

To See any product price, Stock, Sell etc all kind of information click on product ledger under the product button after that type any product and press submit you will get all information.