This Is a Multistore E-Commerce Software we can use it for Store Management as well as E-Commerce. To use This software we need some configuration. Firstly we need to fill up the web setting and software setting after that add a default store.

In the beginning, have to insert some product and purchases it from our suppliers than we can sell it from our software. Before insert product fillup some prerequisites like Product Category, Unit, Product Supplier, Product Brand, Product Variant, Currency etc.

Store Insert

Before doing anything First, need to add a default store. To do this inside the dashboard bottom on the left click on the store then click Add Store button.

Fill All the field as shown in the picture and press Save button your information will be stored on the database if you click Save and Add another information will be inserted and this form will show again.

After inserting all information if you click on Manage Store you can see all store list.