Manage Company

Please see the screenshots below :


Add User

To add new user or edit the user, go to > Software Settings module > Click on Add user. After adding the user info you must save it. From this page you can go to user list view page just click on Manage users at the left corner button. See the screen-shot below :

Manage Users

Here you will see the users information of this system.


Language Setting

What language do you want to prefer to communicate with others to continue your business process please set your language name and save here and you can edit or delete this name also. To add language phase please click on > Add Phase button at the left corner side. See the screen-shot below :


Currency Setting

You have to set-up your currency system. For setting your system currency process go to Software settings Module > click on currency. Please see the screenshot below :



Web Setting

To set Pharma Care System in your website, you must provide your application information here. Please see the screenshots below :