You have to set-up how your system will work. For setting your system process go to STO setting > click on currency. Please see the screenshot below :

To process your security token offering (STO) business you have to set up your currency name & symbol, currency ISO code & token rate.



STO Setup

To start your STO process you have to set up your STO name & symbol, and also set pair with value to ensure which currency you want to use pair.

STO Manager

In STO Manager setting, you need to fill the ISTO, Secured STO, Guaranteed STO then Total STO value will generate automatically by the system.

STO Releasing

You can see your STO Release information here and to release your coin or token please click > on the Coin Release Button.

To release your STO please provide the following information properly then press on create button.

Menu Control

You can control your menu by ISTO, or Exchange, or Package process.

White Paper

To publish your organization white paper please upload the file here.