Email Schedule Setup

You can choose a template to draft an email then schedule it to be sent automatically at the perfect time. Just write the message as you normally would, then click the Submit button. 

Receiver Email List

All receiving email list by this system you will get here. And if need you can print or download the email as your required.

Send Custom Email

As like as gmail, yahoo, you can send custom email to your desire client from this system.

Email Template

Here you will get all created template email list.

By Click on Add Template you can add Email Template here.

Bulk Email

Bulk email is a marketing message, you can sent by this system to multiple recipients at once. Its aim is to promote the business, sell tokens or coins, and develop the relationships.

Reserve Key

From Admin Panel, this reserve key you can use to write your email and sent this email to others. Reserve Key will help you to sent dynamic value. Suppose you want to send email someone to inform or reply -> About their total balance. Now in your draft email if you write your total balance - {balance}, then they will get their balance information automatically. You don't need to know their balance individually. Here {balance} is a veriable.